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About Us

Since 1991 we have been helping companies in Macedonia to realize their business idea and run their business successfully. Over the years we have worked with many companies, which are in different phases of their existence. Our experience is with Start´´up companies as well as with established brands.

Our clients rely on us and trust us because we help them in their work and their success.

We are your trusted partner who will allow you to have a "cool head" and more time to develop your business.

Our mission

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We believe that accounting is much more than swimming in numbers and financial statements. Our goal is: That the client has insight into the "health" of his business. Our mission is to help companies to thrive and grow. We provide this through high-quality and timely service, provided by professionals. The priority of our experienced team is your success, and we help you with everything you need to focus on your business's growth. 

For our clients, we are not just accountants, but trusted partners.

About Us
Our team
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Desi, CPA | Tel: 077 877 996

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Filip, CPA | Tel: 077 877 996

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Emilija, CPA | Tel: 077 877 996

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Our Team
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